Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

So the day finally came... Caleb started Kindergarten. I could say all of the cliche's, such as, "it seems like just yesterday..." but I will be honest it was quite liberating. One down two to go. No really, Caleb did awesome. He marched into his class like a brave little warrior, (FYI Caleb Louis, means brave warrior)never looking back. I have to say I was waiting for our "moment"... Yeah, never happened. I think he was a bit embarrassed by the complete entourage that followed him to school. His mafia, which included his Mom, Dad, Keira, Kael, uncle Cody and Alex from California and his aunt Lindsey and uncle Laren from Colorado. I can safely say that we out numbered his class.

Keira and Kael went to school for the first time today as well, (they are attending Caleb's old school). We had a nanny in the past, but I though Keira was in the need for socialization, and my theory was proved quickly as she ran into her classroom and sat down and played with a circle of girls just her age. I was the most nervous about Kael attending school at such a young age, but he took his first day like a champ. He is already getting VIP treatment. When I went to pick him up another teacher from another class had him out of his class doing rounds with her. He was hanging out in her office just because. The two of them will only be going two days a week, but I think the stimulation and socialization will be great for both of them.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Caleb is our first and the best older brother to his two younger siblings. He is so caring and very sensitive to others feelings. He also has a very funny personality. He is really growing into a little man.


Keira is the only little girl in the family and she wouldn't have it any other way. She is such a little diva with a huge personality. She has no problem blaiming her brothers when she can't find creative ways to get out of trouble. She LOVES make-up, nail polish, dress up, and anything girly.


Keal is the youngest Seneca and completes our family. He is easy to fall in love with because he is the happiest boy in the whole world. A simple glance at him make his whole face light up. He constantly has THE biggest smile on his face.